Here are the founding partners of
Eagles Rise International.

Both ministers with forty two years of combined parish ministry, we are permanent members of The Order of Mission, trained Maxwell Leadership Coaches, and Human Behaviour Consultants. Tina was also APCTC Life Coach of the Year in 2015. 

We love blessing people, encouraging and strengthening the weary and finding ways to empower and release people into their God-given destiny. We also love great films, having fun and seeing new places!

Tracey Allen and her husband Michael

A Social Worker (retired from management) and a retired paramedic who is passionate about prayer and establishing God’s kingdom. I like animals, love dogs, am potty about border collies and birds of prey. I have a loving husband, son and a beautiful Granddaughter. 

Diane Haber

A Specialist Teacher Assessor, Coach and Trainer, I am passionate about worship, intimacy with God, praying and bringing Good News! 

We also have associates who bring their many talents, fun, and wisdom into the mix.