“Tina is an outstanding, superb personal coach.

She listens (this can NEVER be underestimated) without judging.

She genuinely cares. She is an awesome leadership coach.

She helps me get to the root of WHY I do the positive -and negative- things I do. She helps me see the next store and make immediate transformational changes. She helps me see my life holistically and look at where it is out of balance. She has helped me let go and forgive people around my daughter’s death – this holds us back in life AND business.

She keeps me from going insane!

Business Owner March 2015

“Tina is an inspiration. She is articulate and sensitive, enabling others to feel empowered to tackle challenging issues.”

Innovative Educationalist

“Tina is an excellent leadership and life coach. She has the ability and skill to quickly engage with complex situations in both business and personal life. Of course for many of us these overlap. Tina listens and empathises, but is also able to help analyse and offer opinions, which I find refreshing. She has helped me to take a small step out of my busy life and think more clearly. Tina has lead to a number of big steps forward. I am very grateful to the friend who recommended Tina, and I am pleased to recommend her to you.”

Restaurant Owner

“Tina’s training and input in my life has been life-changing for me. She helped me to overcome a lot of issues I never thought I’d be able to let go of, by leading me…and supporting me along the way…People even notice the difference in me from 3 years ago to now, and this is thanks to the training and groups I have received from Tina.”

Urban Hero Award Winner 2014

“Tina’s empathetic personality, combined with her gifts of discernment and communication, make her a tremendous resource.” 

Head of Partnerships, Education Charity

“Fantastic – this will make me now look at my team and family and the ways they work!”

Project Coordinator, Sheffield Hallam University, March 2019

“[I learned] who I am as a leader and how I can work with staff better. [The training] was fantastic, helped the team learn more about each other.”

Programme Director, Southern Saratoga YMCA, March 2017

“I have found my coaching sessions with Tina over the last 12 months to be extremely enlightening, positive, constructive, and forward-thinking. Tina has a unique attitude to making a team tick …Tina’s coaching has proved to be a great asset; she has an excellent ability to spin a negative into a constructive positive, and is very skilled at getting her point across by way of story-telling and by example. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend these sessions with Tina and have learnt so much about managing people and running a team through her guidance and wise counsel.”

Manager at Boodles, Savoy Hotel, Strand, London. 

“This programme has been an eye opener – I have been taken to the next level.” 

Business Founder, June 2017