Eagles Rise International exists to be a beacon to help everybody regardless faith, background and circumstances.

Wherever finances allow, we offer means-tested bursaries for our programmes and events. (E.g. Receipt of benefits; clergy and pastors etc).

Please click on our services to see what we can offer in your specific circumstances.

Eagles Rise International is funded through the donations and support of our growing community.

You can help us in the following ways:


If you have been blessed by any element of our work we are always grateful for a donation to help us support others similarly in the future. To donate click here.


We regularly welcome help from people who share our values, who appreciate our work. They help us in a huge variety of ways: from leading worship, to DIY, to gardening. Just drop us an email with how you may like to help.


You can join in prayer for our work in the following ways: we recommend signing up to our regular newsletter and Eagles devotionals to inform your prayers.

You can do this from your armchair or join us at our regular prayer events. 
For those who share our Christian faith you can also book yourself or your group into Eagles Retreat to pray, as our calendar allows.

Be part of the community

If you feel God is stirring your heart to bless and empower others and you would be interested in joining our small but growing community then please email Tina here.


We offer the equivalent of 37 nights for free a year under the following qualifications:

  • Church leaders
  • Burnout
  • Relationship breakdown/betrayal
  • Abuse
  • Bereavement
  • Family crisis
  • Terminal diagnosis
  • Redundancy 
  • Carers break

Wherever our own circumstances dictate, we do our best to ensure nobody is unable to access services due to financial reasons.

If you would like a bursary then please contact us here.

If you have been blessed by this ministry and would like to give a gift to support those who need a bursary, you can do so here.