“We highly recommend the ‘…marriage’ weekend with Jasper and Tina. With their non-religious, relaxed approach we were able to be honest and open with each other within our own marriages and also within our community as we joined together in the retreat. We all felt that our communication and understanding skills for our marriages were greatly enhanced and inspired. One couple was truly transformed as they had never done anything like that before. Taking time out of our busy lives to learn communication and other important skills can only help our marriages!”

Ministry Leaders, Charlotte, North Carolina

“I feel a lot more hopeful and equipped to strengthen our marriage and have a fresh start, where we can value and support each other – and have more fun! Would we recommend/what have we learned? I would definitely recommend that people take the time and invest in themselves and their marriages. I have learned not just more about myself, but that it’s OK to be me, to appreciate my strengths, and to understand not just WHAT [my husband] needs, but WHY he needs those things; to value those needs and hopefully be able to meet those needs better, as well as [communicating?] my own needs so that we both feel loved, respected, energized and valued. To love God, ourselves, and each other before anything else.” 

Small Business Owner and Mother 2019

“I came at first to the training pretty clueless in my knowledge of my own make up and also not understanding [my wife’s] needs. Through the weekend I feel I have gained brand new insight into how we are wired. Also how best to communicate my own need to support [my wife] in a way that is linked to how she communicates. I would encourage all couples or leaders to come and learn these tools in order to make the best of every relationship, to encourage and uplift every individual to meet their own potential.” 

Musician and Father 2019

“This marriage course is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been through more than I can count, over the past 25 years, but this course is incredibly helpful because it focuses on the biggest success factor of all – understanding and harnessing our personalities.

After a difficult marriage, which failed, trying a huge variety of resources, I can honestly say that his marriage course is more enlightening than any others I have done …it has increased my self-awareness, not only in this relationship but also in all work and life areas.
Tina and Jasper are caring, compassionate, clear and empowered communicators, who create an atmosphere of peace, harmony and ability to learn and grow.” 

Business owner and Mother 2018

“Great content and delivery and enough material to last a lifetime to put into practice! Principles and guidance to take any marriage and make it great/special.” 

Business consultant 2018

“What I enjoyed the most was the relaxed, friendly, kind, caring atmosphere. I felt really comfortable sharing things about myself, my life, my relationship, etc. No blame, no pressure, no intention to change but rather to understand and adapt.
The most valuable was feeling that I wasn’t judged or analysed in a critical/accusing way. That helped me to know myself better in an accepting way, enabling me to work on both my strengths and weaknesses (or “less strengths!”)
Who should attend? Really, everyone. This should actually be a subject at school. It’s given me the tools to improve my relationships whether it is as a mother, wife, work colleague, friend, daughter, sister…
I came today being in a very bad place, a very dark and deep hole where I would have stayed forever without the right help. It’s not that it’s saved my life (not a miraculous pill) but getting the tools to work through the rest of my life.” 

Well-being Specialist 2017

“Relaxed atmosphere with professional coaching/counselling mixed into discussions as appropriate.

[Who should attend?] Any partnership which has lasted more than about a year, where each person recognises the relationship could be improved and both want to make the relationship long-lasting – Thank you! Very valuable!”

Software Engineer and Dad