Eagles Reign is a new kind of Kingdom Bible School! 

What’s more, it is Interdenominational and it’s based in South Yorkshire!

Why start yet another school?

We have a God-given passion to see everyone soar in their unique God-given calling and to see Kingdom fruitfulness part of everyday experience;

We’re passionate for Christians to walk tall in their God-given identity and authority, learning how to do the works of Jesus in a way which is holistic and person-centred; to step into their unique God-given mandate and to learn to soar in their Fivefold Ministry calling.

Many courses focus on academia alone and can squeeze the work of the Holy Spirit out of the programme. 

Our focus will be on the Bible and teaching the practicalities of ‘how to be in tune with the Spirit’ allowing His lead in every part of our lives as He (with our help) equips you to ‘do the works of Jesus’.

We know that the timing and unique expression of this school is ‘for such a time as this’ as God is calling people to come up higher to renew their call and fulfil their vocation.

The school is Spirit-led, prophetically timed, Biblically rooted and well presented. 

The school is attended live, here online, anywhere in the world!

We are pursuing Who Jesus Is. We are pursuing Who We Are (In Christ) We are pursuing how to Walk in Power and Love like Jesus.

Because As He (Jesus) IS, so are WE in this world! We’re Christians of all ages and have a call that is a light yoke to fulfil God’s purpose for our lives – not a heavy yoke!

Course Curriculum:

Year One – Becoming An Eagle

  • Community ‘Being’: Learning Together 
  • Tuning into the Presence of God
  • Whole-istic Discipleship: Walking in Worship, Walking in Prayer; Walking in Love of self, God and others
  • Trial-proof Armour: Unwrapping the Power of God through the Written and Living Word
  • Rooted in Christ – God Centred Gospel vs Self Centred Gospel: Deepening your Spirituality 
  • The Person of the Holy Spirit: The Gifts and the Fruits
  • Freedom and Deliverance: Released through Love to be Who God Created You To Be
  • Walking Tall in God’s Authority: Living The Life You Were Created For
  • The Prospering of the Lord: Walking in Increase; Blessed to Be A Blessing
  • Community Being – Unity: Being And Walking Together 

The Cost

The tutoring for the year is £1650, which can be paid up front or in a variety of ways.

For more details about costs and applying, get in touch using the link below.

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