Do you want to do the works of Jesus?

Do you want to discern and develop your calling, to be empowered to fulfil your God-given ministry?

Do you want to be an Overcomer and learn to take back what the enemy steals?

Do you want to walk in the Holy Spirits Gifts, Fruit and Power?

Are you hungry for:

Deeper teaching and biblical equipping?

Discernment and clarity around your God given call?

Prophetic encouragement, strengthening and equipping?

Biblical practical theology with mission and ministry opportunities?

A creative online approach to learning in one flexible meeting a week?

Encouragement, support and sound input to grow YOUR God-given call?

In an environment which sits alongside your current church commitments?

To thrive and grow with support and encouragement?

To accelerate your growth to fulfill your God-given destiny?

Eagles Reign is a Ministry Bible School which helps Christians to deepen their God-given purpose, embrace their authority and do the works of Jesus through prophetic coaching, mentorship and support.

(Bursaries are available for those who need them.)

Tina and Jasper Hodges have spent over 40 years combined in pastoral and pioneer ministry. They are members of The Order of Mission, and Leadership Coaches. Tina has won awards for Leadership, Coaching, Community Service, etc. and Jasper has set up a number of missional youth and community ministries.

At this time of global crisis, God is doing something significant within His Church.

Join now to use your time wisely to invest in your God-given call. 

Book a call with us to see how God wants to sharpen and strengthen His call on your life. 

We look forward to speaking with you about the adventure of your life!

Tina and Jasper Hodges

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